Study on Some Ectoparasitic Diseases of Catfish, Clarias gariepinus with their Control by Ginger, Zingiber officiale

Document Type : Original Article


Parasitological Unit, Fish Diseases Research Department, Animal Health Research Institute, Egypt


Parasitological investigation was performed in one hundred naturally collected Nile catfish Clarias gariepinus. It revealed skin and gill infestation with ectoparasitic protozoan Trichodina and Epistylis and monogenean Gyrodactylus spp. with average 20, 15 and 25%, respectively. The average of the total ectoparasitic infestation in the examined catfish was 60%.The significance of herbal control measures using ginger Zingiber officiale as a new method to eradicate such parasites, was evaluated. A bioassay of 96 hours LC50 of ginger emphasized that its value was 192mg/L. The herbal control with ginger was safe and effective to treat the ectoparasitic protozoa Trichodina and Epistylis spp. at dose 20mg/L, but not suitable for treating the monogenean Gyrodactylus spp. The estimation of dissolved oxygen, pH and total ammonia of aquarium water pre and during treatment was indicated that the use of ginger in aquaculture operation will improve its water quality especially the total ammonia.