Effect of frozen storage on fish quality and fishery products: A Review

Document Type : Invited reviews


Department of Fish Processing and Technology, Faculty of Fish Resources, Suez University, P.O. Box:43221, Suez, Egypt


One of the most significant problems for the food preservation industry is maintaining the quality of food products for an extended period. Fish and fishery products are highly perishable foods that degrade easily during harvesting and processing as a result to a combination of chemical, physical, and microbiological changes. The current study focuses on the changes in the chemical composition, nutritional value freshness indicators, quality features, microbiological safety, and sensory evaluation of fish and fishery products as affected by freezing storage periods. Therefore, this study aims to give a combined overview of the changes that occur to different types of fish and their various products during the process of preservation by freezing, so that it is a collected source for all these changes in one place, in order to facilitate the process of comparing the changes that occur during the freezing process between different types of fish and their products.