Estimation of growth, population parameters, and exploitation rate of Penaeus semisulcatus (De Haan, 1844) in Bardawil Lagoon, North Sinai, Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Marine Fisheries Department, Faculty of Aquaculture and Marine Fisheries, Arish University, Egypt.


Among other crustaceans in the Bardawil Lagoon, Penaeus semisulcatus has a significant marketing value. Many biological parameters and population structure of green tiger prawn; investigated in this study during the fishing season 2022/2023. Seasonal growth in length and weight assessed for males and females by five seasons (ages) life span. The constant of total length-total weight relationship b= 2.50 for males, 2.15 for females, and 2.26 for both.  Parameters of theoretical growth in length and weight L∞, K, t0, and W∞ were (22.76 cm, 0.21, -0.89 yr-1, and 94.90 gm for males), (29.32 cm, 0.14, -1.20 yr-1, and136.38 gm for females), and (23.05 cm, 0.2, -0 .89 yr-1, and 79.19 gm for all individuals). Instantaneous mortality rates Z, M, and F were (0.79, 0.43, and 0.36 yr-1 for males), (1.01, 0.42, and 0.59 yr-1 for females), and (0.92, 0.42, and 0.49 yr-1 for both sex). The exploitation rate was 0.46, 0.58, and 0.54 yr-1 for males, females, and all individuals. That indicates the P. semisulcatus population is over exploited in the Lagoon. Accordingly, the recommended procedure for reduction of fishing efforts or changing the mesh sizes of bottom trawl gear must apply.
Key word: Penaeus semisulcatus, Biology, Exploitation rate, and Bardawil lagoon